Original Works of Art

Please browse through these original art works and original paintings below.  I have painted Dotty Art using many different mediums,  from Canvas, to Aluminium, to Egg Shells.  Many of these items are for sale,  so if you find something you like,  please contact me using the form below, and we can discuss pricing, and shipping requirements.

These items are original works of art for sale.  Prices range from £300-1000.  Please use the enquiry form below to contact the artist about a particular piece.

image001 (Small).jpg


A selection of commissioned paintings, from pet portraits to personalised paintings.
IMG_9738 (Small).JPG

Original Acrylic Paintings on Watercolour Block

Your living room wall will look perfect with one of my original paintings on it! I've create a range that includes contemporary,modern and abstract art.

Original Acrylic Paintings on Aluminium

The metal base gives these paintings a very modern feel, which I've worked with by creating these striking designs. Perfect for your stylish and contemporary living space.

Original Acrylic Paintings on Precision-Cut Steel

Cleanly cut metal edges give these paintings a very 'tough' feel, perfect for these powerful and beautiful animals.
c20-Conkers on floor.jpg

Hand Painted Household 3D Objects

You won't believe some of the items I've painted until you see them! Click through to this gallery to see a selection of items, many of which are available for exhibition.
c86-IMG_9785 (Small).JPG

Hand Painted Eggs

Whole egg shells, carefully blown and then carefully painted. A selection of these would add a unique talking point to your kitchen. Please contact me using the form below if you'd like one or more - a selection of three, arranged in an ordinary cardboard egg box, would be the perfect addition to your kitchen windowsill!
IMG_9772 (Small).JPG

Hand Painted Glass

I love painting on glass! Watching the light shine through it, reflecting on all sides of the little coloured acrylic peaks coming to life before your eyes is an incredible feeling. I'm certain you'll be inspired looking at the way the daylight plays on your paperweight while you work. These items are original works of art for sale. Prices range from £30-200. Please use the enquiry form below to contact the artist about a particular piece.

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