Original Works of Art

Please browse through these original art works and original paintings below.  I have painted dottyart on many  many different surfaces. Canvas is the only surface that is not compatible with my style. I have also painted on  aluminium composite, egg shells, glass, paper, plastic, stainless steel, stone and wood.

These items are original works of art for sale.  Prices range from £300-1000.  Please use the inquiry form below to contact me and we can discuss the particular piece.

image001 (Small).jpg


A selection of commissioned paintings, from pet portraits to personalised paintings.
IMG_9738 (Small).JPG

Original Acrylic Paintings on Watercolour Block

Your living room wall will look perfect with one of my original paintings on it! I've create a range that includes contemporary,modern and abstract art.

Original Acrylic Paintings on Precision-Cut Steel

Cleanly cut metal edges give these paintings a very 'tough' feel, perfect for these powerful and beautiful animals.
1 0f   10 green bottles (Small).JPG

Hand Painted Household 3D Objects

You won't believe some of the items I've painted until you see them! Click through to this gallery to see a selection of items, many of which are available for sale.

Hand Painted Eggs

Hand Painted free range blown eggs.

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