A3 Digital Prints.

DolphinsBlack ElephantBlue Elephantblue circlesbeach towel1cat1just dots redwaves1
These unframed digital prints are taken from original dottyart paintings. These are the earliest large paintings I did. Created using thousands of individual dots of acrylic paint. The designs were painted for commercial use and are digitally reproduced to a very high standard. The prints are to scale with the original paintings and fit a standard frame. Each print measures height 45cm, width 32cm. They are some of my earlier pieces. The cat, the elephants, and other prints are available to buy on my etsy shop for £25.00 each with free postage in the U.K. The link I have for etsy does not work but it you simply write dottyart into the etsy search bar it goes directly to my page.



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